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A feature film, a prime time documentary, an intimate portrait, a piece for a tv-show, hosting your event, producing your image- or event-film: If you want it done really well, if you want it done special, you will find the right phone-number here: Mine.


I am a television-journalist. Reporter. Author. Producer. Voice. I tell stories you remember. I make films you like to watch. Films that are different from the everday-product. Always emotional, but never cheap. Modern and top quality, for TV or Web, ready-made for your target-audience. With an eye for detail, and the claim of rather being handmade than on the assembly line of tacky filmproduction.


Films with strong protagonists. And a great host - if you wish. With an eye for the special, the absurd and strange. A reporter, who is charming, spontaneous and authentic - without taking himself too seriuosly. 


Be it under German roofs, in Indian temples, Russian billionaire-villas, drug-labs in Vienna, Mexican ghettos, on African hospital-ships, Swiss glaciers or Japanese fetish-parties, in Chinese X-Mas-factories, Madagascan prisons, Jamaican gang-hoods, Columbian bullrings, American deserts or the slums of Manila - I like to go and film where the comfort-zone has ended.


Curiosity drives me, fascination for the strange and unknown - and for people. No matter if rich, poor, crazy or "normal". No matter what language they speak.


I learned the business from the scratch. Starting at the local newspaper, jobbing and interning in print-media, public-relations, comercials, radio and TV, in Germany and abroad. Since 2001 I work in television. As a journalist, reporter, author and producer. Seven years an employee of Germany's marketleader "RTL" I decided to take the next step and become self-employed in spring 2014.

My clients are Germany's leading networks and productions companies, such as RTL/infoNetwork, Vox, Pro7 or Sat.1, as well as national and international companies.


Besides producing for TV and Online I am a great coach for you and your employees when it comes to presentations and a successful performance in front of a camera.

And if you need a charming, witty and experienced host for your event, you should probably stop your search here - for you have found him.


My professionalism, technical skills and even more important: social and intercultural competence are the guarantee of doing a great job for you - along with flexibility, trained ability to work under pressure and a certain resistence to stress. Well, and a sense of humour is not missing either.


As a teammplayer I trust special colleagues and friends - a network of pros with camera, sound and in the edit. Creative, skilled and reliable.


I take care of research, location-scouting, preparation and realisation of shootings.Locally, regionally and abroad. In postproduction I listen and review carefully, detailed - to produce the best possbile film with the strongest images and sounds. Films like you had them imagined. Or perhaps surprisingly different - and just right.


Always reliable, passionate and efficient. Definitely worth a try.

+49 177 4701389

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