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//  Origin: 
Rhineland, Germany.
//  Degrees:
Master in Medieval and Modern History, German Philology & Media Studies (Cologne, Sevilla, Munich).
//  Post-Grad:
Alumnus of the RTL School for Journalism.

Nine years reporter, editor and senior producer at RTL Television.
Independent filmmaker since 2014.
//  Languages:
German, English, Spanish, French.
//  Internat. Production Experience:
29 Countries and counting.


Daniel grew up in deep Western germany, the Rhineland -  famous not only for its wines and beers, its long history dating back to Roman ages and its world famous landmarks like Cologne Cathedral, but especially for the laid-back and open minded attitude of its population.

After High School Daniel studied History, German Language & Literature and Science of the Mass Media at the Universities of Cologne, Düsseldorf, Munich and Seville/Spain. He graduaded with a Masters Degree (Magister Artium).


Interested in writing and journalism from his teenage days on Daniel was a main editor of his high school magazine, served his military service at the German army press corps and started an internship at the local newspater immediately after high school. Many more internships and freelance jobs were to follow the years after, at different print magazines, TV production companies and broadcasters, home and abroad.

As a postgrad Daniel attended the renowned RTL Journalist School for it's two years course, learning more about professional broadcast-journalism, camera and editing, working at RTL Television (Köln, New York, Berlin), RTL Nord (Hamburg, Hannover), n-tv (Cologne), ZDF (Mainz) and rbb (Berlin-Potsdam).


For one more year he worked as an editor and on-air-reporter for RTL's regional news program in Frankfurt/Main and for the nationwide "Punkt 12" news of RTL.
He then became an executive reporter for RTL's human interest program "explosiv" and the renowned price winning "extra",specializing in on air reports and features from foreign countries.

Since 2014 he works as a freelance filmmaker, director, reporter and author for all major German networks, production companies and international broadcasters and streaming portals - focussing on prime time documentaries, features on sustainability and foreign countries.

Daniel has travelled more than 50 countries so far and speaks German, English and Spanish fluently and some French. He is trained in all the major software and platforms, some cameras and has a well trained narration voice.

He is addicted to music, movies and series, likes visiting festivals and backpacking, burns steaks on the grill, always promises to do more sports - and loves singing his little daughter to sleep.


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